Accommodation in Bucharest – Part 1

        The capital city Bucharest, known for its wide, tree-lined boulevards, rich in it’s history and glorious Belle Époque buildings, has a reputation for the high life (which in the 19th century earned it’s name of “Little Paris”).
        Today, Bucharest, Romania’s largest city and capital is a bustling metropolis, the center of the Romanian economy and industry with over 186,000 firms’ headquarters, including nearly all large Romanian companies.
      As an Expat you will find that accommodation in Bucharest comes in a variety of forms in different neighborhoods and you can consider a few of them more appealing considering the population density and ethnicity, traffic and transportation, proximity to nature, shopping centers and intelligent nightlife. The upmarket northern area is better suited to the more outdoorsy type with many parks nearby (including Herastrau Park, the biggest and most diversified, divided in two zones: a rustic or natural zone the Village Museum, which is left more or less undisturbed, and a public/’active’ domain with open areas for recreation activities).
           Northern Suburbs – International Schools Area
          If you enjoy a quieter life, you might find the northern suburbs more suitable for your lifestyle.
         Multiple neighborhoods like Baneasa, Pipera and even Voluntari and Tunari compose the suburbs in the north of the capital have many villas and even buildings of apartments.
        If you consider living in Pipera a villa would be a good choice and can be rented depending on the number of bedrooms, usable and garden surface, location and private pool you can find one at the price of 1400 Euro/Month up to 5000 Euro/Month for the luxury category.
         After 1995 a a land transactions frenzy began in Pipera which raised the number of houses built to 1400 within 10 years  transforming Pipera in one of the most expensive residential areas. Starting with 2008 there were developed multi-store blocks of flats in order to keep up with the ever-increasing requests from single expats or couples  who prefer one to a house but still benefit of the advantages brought by the wood side nearby.
         Given the fact that 80% of the tenants in Pipera are foreigners Pipera developed slightly different from the other neighborhoods in North developing a multicultural infrastructure providing the opportunity of finding business parks where every multinational has their offices, almost every international school (French, American, British, Mark Twain etc.), Montessori Kindergartens and others, supermarkets and fresh vegetables and fruits ecological market and Stejarii Country Club which combines perfectly social and business networking opportunities with outdoor sports activities, fitness, SPA, fine dining, relaxation and spaces dedicated to the your little ones.
      There are two main streets in Pipera: Iancu Nicolae Street where Jolie Ville Mall is, supermarkets and 24/7 markets, World Class Fitness Club and the ZOO and Pipera Street where there are also supermarket and the eco fresh vegetable and fruit market.
        A one bedroom apartment with a surface of 70 sq.m on Iancu Nicolae Street start from 600 Euros and most of the buildings in which they are located include services like underground parking, pools and spa services, playing grounds for kids and security and video surveillance.
         Two bedroom apartments start from 800 Euro/Month and a three bedroom apartment from 1000 Euros.
         Every area has something different to offer giving you the opportunity of finding the perfect mix of facilities and lifestyle.