Accommodation in Bucharest – Part 2

     Herastrau Park also adds value to the neighborhoods it borders (Primaverii, Aviatorilor – Kiseleff, Herastrau and Domenii).
Primaverii is one of the most famous and exclusive neighborhoods; although a rather new one, it gained its fame from the very beginning when in 1950 it was developed as a dedicated residential area for Romanian dignitaries.              Until 1989 it was one of the most secure and restrictive areas of the city and the new constructions developed after that period maintained the high standards of the area. It is almost exclusively dwelt by local upper class representatives, diplomats and expats.
     The rent for a 2 bedroom apartment in Primaverii starts at 1200 Euro/Month and it can go up to 2500 Euro/Month; for a 3 bedroom apartment the rent varies between 1800 Euro/Month and 4000 Euro/Month.
     You will find the best restaurants nearby, private medical centers offering top-quality services, and access to the metro station within walking distance. Primaverii area is surrounded by the natural parks Herastrau, Bordei and Floreasca, the latest being famous for its leisure clubs (Pescariu Club and Floreasca Club). Nearby you will discover Floreasca Sports Center, where Romanian Olympics get trained in different sports but can be easily accessed by general public as well.
     On the Southern side Primaverii is bordered by Dorobanti area which is divided in two parts:
   – the new area which is associated more with leisure activities, well known cafeterias, restaurants and fashion boutiques. This is a more accessible area regarding rent prices; for example the rent for 1 bedroom apartment in Dorobanti price starts at 700-800 Euro/month, while a 2 bedroom apartment can be found within a range of 800 to 1500 Euro/Month (depending on the size and quality), and a 3 bedroom apartment can go up to 1800-2000 Euro;
   – and the old, historical area (Dorobanti – Capitale) with its sumptuous villas, belonging to the old bourgeoisie of the city, now hosting embassies, consulates, prestigious law firms or multinational companies headquarters. The apartments in this area are more expensive than the ones in the new area (for a 3 bedroom apartment the rent can go up to 2500-3500 Euro/Month).
  Both Primaverii and Dorobanti areas are bordered on the Eastern side by Floreasca and Barbu Vacarescu areas.
     These two neighborhoods are very well connected to the New Business District of Bucharest and they can offer apartments with good quality – price ratio for the employees of the multinational companies with offices in this area.
     They are famous for the nightlife, with their exclusive nightclubs, which are located at a certain distance from residential buildings, but still easily accessible, most of them opening to Floreasca Lake. One of the private clubs in the area has a large outdoor swimming pool, which is transformed in a skating rink during winter.
During the day you can spend quality time shopping in Promenada Mall, one of the largest in the city, or working out at fitness facilities inside the mall.
     Families with kids enjoy the area also for the 2 parks in the neighborhood: Floreasca Park and Verdi Park, for the fresh vegetable and fruit market and for the easy access to public and private hospitals and clinics.
     The monthly renting prices are rather similar for both areas, more expensive being the new delivered buildings with view over the park, where a 1 bedroom apartment can be rented with 1200-1400 Euro/Month, a 2 bedroom apartment with 1800-2000 Euro/Month and a 3 bedroom apartment even with 2200 – 3000 Euro/Month.
     Other two neighborhoods bordered by Herastrau Park are Aviatorilor – Kiseleff and Herastrau.
Aviatorilor- Kiseleff is another historical area, with imposing houses, but also with new buildings, generous in surface and quality. This area is generally preferred by families with kids, because of the generous size of the apartments, of the proximity of two nice parks (Herastrau and Kiseleff) and due to the good connection to public transportation, including metro.
     A safe, quiet area, but still with all the facilities of a modern life, it is also preferred both by single living people, usually general managers of the multinational companies with headquarters in the north side of the city and families with children who appreciate the proximity of the parks.
The levels of rent in this area start at 900 Euro/Month for a one bedroom apartment, 1200 – 1600 Euro/Month for a 2 bedroom apartment and 1600-2500 Euro/Month for a 3 bedroom apartment.
     Herastrau is one of the newest neighborhoods in Northern Bucharest, its beginnings as a residential area dating in the year 2000. Most of the buildings in this area are blocks of flats, with apartments generous in surface and with quality finishes and furniture. There are individual buildings but also compounds witch offer their residents all the facilities of a high quality life (swimming pools, fitness, spa, beauty salons, etc).
     The restaurants in the area bring their contribution to a high standard lifestyle, preferred by expats which represent 80% of the residents in this area.
     The level of rent for a 1 bedroom apartment ranges between 850 Euro- 1000 Euro/Month, for a 2 bedroom apartment between 1100 Euro- 1500 Euro/Month; of course very nice penthouses can be exceptions, the rent for these ones can reach up to 3000 Euro/Month.
     A 3 bedroom apartment can be rented with 1600 Euro – 2200 Euro, but exceptional apartments in point of surface, view, finishes and facilities can reach up to 4500 Euro/Month.
Another neighborhood preferred by expats is Domenii, also a rather old, historical area, located in the proximity of Herastrau Park and Village Museum.
     Domenii is composed mainly of imposing houses, but also new buildings were built in the latest period. Like Floreasca and Dorobanti, Domenii has a good fresh vegetable market. The renting prices are also similar to the ones in Dorobanti and Floreasca.