Real Estate Investment

Nordis Real Estate Investment Department is made up of a team of experienced consultants, with relevant know-how in the field of real estate investments, who provides a vast portfolio of properties and constantly offers access to exclusive investment opportunities.

Our objective is to respond to the market demand, which is why we identify for our investors opportunities in the early stages and turn them into valuable properties in order to achieve an exceptional return on investments.

  • We have relevant know-how in the field of real estate investments
  • We have a special department of Real Estate Investments, made up of a team of experienced consultants
  • We provide clients with a vast portfolio of properties
  • We constantly offer access to exclusive investment opportunities, resulting from Nordis exclusive representation of real estate projects
  • We continuously identify, for our clients, investment variants with high profitability.

Depending on the type of real estate investment, the yield is between 5% and over 50%, compared to a 1 year interval.

The most accessible real estate investments are those for rent. The yields, in this case, vary according to the real estate sector: residential, office, commercial.

Another type of placement refers to the acquisition of properties in the project stage of a residential complex. Reselling the building, at the end of the project, can bring returns between 15% and 40%.

The returns that can exceed 40% are the real estate development projects. In this case, the amounts invested are higher, hence the more restrictive nature of this type of investment.


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