Real estate projects

Real estate development can be one of the most profitable real estate investment options. In Romania, the yield per project of such placement may exceed 70%. This in terms of personal financing sources and an efficient project management.

  • We have legal, administrative and fiscal experience in all stages of a real estate project
  • We have the resources and know-how to ensure the project management throughout the real estate development period.
  • We work with our own construction and architecture firm and a complete internal team, as well as collaborators who provide the necessary steps for developing a real estate project: architect, lawyer, cadastrist, structurist, builder, installation designer, notary, accounting expert, etc.
  • We have extensive experience in promoting and SELLING REAL ESTATE PROJECTS, both in the luxury sector and in the upper-middle and mass-market sectors.

Whether it is the management of the development of a real estate project or just services related to the sale of a new building, Nordis will be at your disposal with a team of real estate consultants with relevant experience in this field.

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