Selling a property

Services offered to the seller

Selling a property is a complex process involving many factors and requires sustained and continuous effort.

Why choose NORDIS?

  • Real estate consultant permanently assigned and dedicated to the property
  • Property, market and competition analysis
  • Making the best marketing and promotion strategy
  • Making professional photos that highlight the space
  • Assistance in resolving legal issues
  • Contacting professionals from related fields (architect, cadastre, lawyer, notary, energy auditor, etc.)

We understand how important it is for each property to be sold in a timely manner, so we focus on quality services that optimize the process. Experience helps us to identify the particularities of each space and to highlight the strengths.

We offer a detailed report of the advantages and disadvantages of the property, the prices in the area and other similar transactions. At the same time, we offer suggestions for improvement, which can positively influence the value of the property.

The property will be subsequently promoted to our client portfolio and by all relevant methods available, both online and offline.

For the last stage, of the actual transaction, we provide all the information specific to this process and we make all the necessary steps to transfer the ownership right.

Services offered to the buyer

Buying a property is an important step, because you are looking for the place that will become HOME for you and your family.

We help you find the most beautiful properties, which meet the most demanding requirements. We guide you through the entire purchasing process and we present the most relevant offers. The real estate consultant will accompany you to carefully selected views so that your time is not wasted with inappropriate spaces.

NORDIS’ Advantages

You have access to the finest properties in Central and Northern Bucharest

  • Relevant properties from the best areas of the capital
  • The best residential compounds
  • A large diversity of properties
  • Unique properties

You have access to detailed descriptions containing

  • Professional photos
  • Complete and accurate information
  • Creative descriptions

We are your collaborator and adviser

  • You collaborate with one consultant, who will be fully dedicated
  • We select properties suitable for you according to your search criteria
  • You only receive offers that meet your needs
  • You visits only properties which are relevant to you
  • We offer all necessary information specific to the purchasing process

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