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Both I and my husband very much appreciate the help you have for finding the apartment we purchased.
I must make a confession and tell you that you have completely changed my perception of the role and importance of a real estate agent. Starting with the time of the initial search, when you were sending us exactly the apartments that were relevant to us, continuing with the views where you gave us a lot of information about the building, the owners’ history, etc., I always had the impression that I was talking to a sincere and well-informed friend, not an agent who just wants to sell a property enhancing certain elements.
Then, after finding the apartment, you knew how to handle all the small problems that came up and kept us up to date with the evolution of things. Not to mention the moment at the notary when you saved the situation and because of your saving idea we were able to complete the transaction. In short, we are very impressed with our collaboration, you have won our total trust and we will recommend you to all our close friends that are looking for an apartment. And we do not even think of collaborating with someone else if we still have to buy something in the future. Good luck with your sales and hope to hear soon!


Diana and Alex Cotoi,
Music Business Antreprenor

      „Throughout the process of buying an apartment Alexandru showed a tremendous character and a remarkable awareness, listening and understanding my needs, wants and objectives.
He brings joy and enthusiasm to his profession, making the process of buying and selling a stress less and a smooth adventure.
He was always there to answer questions for myself at a moments notice.
He has a great understanding to the real estate market and does a fantastic job of passing that understanding on to his clients.
To complete a real estate transaction is essential to have someone by your side who is not only knowledgeable, but as genuine and trustworthy as Alexandru is.

Thank you,”


Anca Ciuraru,

      „When we looked for an apartment in Bucharest, my wife and I had the opportunity to work with Nordis, a professional real estate company who provided us with excellent service.
Mrs. Aura Diaconescu helped us throughout our searching process, offering us professional consultancy and an extensive portfolio of properties in our areas of interest. It was a very pleasant experience and we can highly recommend Nordis Services.”


Michael Schuermann ,
Member of the Management Body
Rohde & Schwarz Topex S.A.

        “Working with Nordis was a very pleasant experience. Mrs. Aura Diaconescu perfectly understood our needs and was very prompt in offering us only properties that met our criteria.

She didn’t only gave us good options of houses, but she also offered us interesting and valuable information about places to visit in Romania, things to do in Bucharest and also about Romanian customs.  We strongly recommend Mrs. Diaconescu for her professionalism and efficiency.”


Mr. Partha Ray,
    Charge d’Affaires – Indian Embassy

          “I’ve been working with Emanuel Postoaca for over 7 years now and I probably have appealed to all Nordis services. They are a very professional team and for that I will remain their permanent client. I recommend them as a long term business partner.”


C. Petrescu,
CEO for energetic company

          “Florin Postoaca and I worked as I was selling one apartment located in the northern area. I am satisfied of the entire process and especially for the obtained price. My collaboration with Nordis was exclusively and I prefer this system because I had no trouble at all right until the signing moment.”


Betea S.,
Property owner

“We were in search for an agency with a northern property portfolio, because we wanted to buy an apartment there. We discovered Nordis and our request was handled by Mr. Alexandru Mihai, who helped us find  an excellent apartment, in a way better area than the one we expected. I kindly recommend Nordis, especially Mr. Alexandru Mihai.”


Mariana Calin,

“When I was in search for renting an apartment, I had the opportunity to work with Nordis. The real estate agent that I worked with, understood my needs, gave me advice and support from our initial meeting through the entire process. I strongly recommend Nordis for professionalism and the quality of provided services.”


Guillame Saurina,
Handball player at CSM Bucharest