Discover Nordis.

Your life is our project. And with each new project, we are getting closer to perfection.



We are Romanians and we are proud. That's why we have developed a new business model at home. We want to demonstrate that Romanians have a taste for quality, by transforming each location where we develop projects into a symbol of its own, contributing to the consolidation of the national brand.


We have grown throughout our journey, despite encountering many challenges, and we have continued to improve the direction of the entire group. If ten years ago we aimed to be the best, today we look back and feel that we have become a benchmark model.


Each Nordis project sets a standard of quality, actively participating in urban regeneration and contributing to the development of the city with unique architecture and futuristic design. We believe that innovation represents a mindset, a culture, and a competitive factor that leads to performance.


Nordis Group has positioned itself as a pioneer, being the only 5 star developer of hotel and residential complexes, with premium facilities and services.The acquisition even in off-plan phases is a proof that Nordis projects benefit from a high level of credibility.

Respect for the environment

Harmony with the environment is in our nature. We love and respect everything around us. That's why Nordis projects create an organic partnership with nature, with sustainability as our primary objective. The natural environment showcases our projects, and we build with respect and care, offering people the opportunity to spend more time enjoying the spectacle of nature.

INNOVATION, AESTHETICS, PERSPECTIVE - We have created NORDIS GROUP recipe to achieve excellence in real estate development for both residential and hotel projects.

BUSINESS, INVESTMENTS, PROFITABILITY - We are consolidating the business environment in Romania and opening up long-term investment opportunities with guaranteed returns.

ELITE, EXCLUSIVITY, LIFESTYLE - We form a community with common interests, for whom experiences at the standard of a 5-star hotel are a way of life.