Refinement of Home, in an ideal location

Market value
of the venue

7 million euro

An unparalleled experience is built with an innovative vision, focused on sustainability and comfort, which gives a superlative lifestyle; Located on Primăverii Boulevard, the most expensive boulevard in Romania, Nordis Primăverii offers a different approach that crowns success;


The Nordis Spring stands out for its exceptional design integrated into the urban environment. The building benefits from a unique circular architecture that provides natural light throughout the day. The property invites you to spend relaxing moments on the terrace, offering a panoramic view of the Primăverii district;

Intended for an elite community;

Location is an extremely important criterion, and the positioning of the complex ensures easy access to the most exclusive destinations: restaurants, tennis courts, clubs, spas, healthy lifestyle is favored by the proximity to Herastrau Park, Bordei Park and Floreasca Park, an opportunity to relax outdoors;

Designed as a boutique project, Nordis Spring illustrates luxury in every detail. The space on the ground floor of the block houses the Rolex store, a factor that adds prestige;