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All companies within Nordis Group share the common goal of providing unique premium experiences with a focus on quality of life and the conditions of a 5-star hotel. Real estate developments bearing the Nordis signature become attractions for the cities in which they are located, with the aim of putting Romania on the map of sensational destinations and making a significant positive contribution to the national brand.

Nordis Mamaia has been awarded the GREEN Homes Certification by the Romanian Green Building Council.

The company's objective is to build to the highest standards, in order to achieve superior levels of sustainability, so that today's developments meet tomorrow's requirements.

Designed in accordance with GREEN Homes Certification criteria, Nordis Mamaia 5* adheres to sustainable building standards and provides facilities that encourage responsible behavior towards the surrounding environment.

Since 2020, Nordis Mamaia has received the GREEN Homes pre-certification from Romanian Green Building. The final certification will be awarded upon completion of the works, after the reception with the authorities, making it the first certified hotel and residential complex.


We offer SMART Home intergrated systems

The major advantage of SMART Home solutions lies in the easy control of energy consumption. In addition to the comfortable living generated by these intelligent technologies, their direct effect is visible in the reduced energy consumption

Along with the advantages of building energy efficiency, these aspects translate into significantly lower maintenance costs.

With a clear objective to reduce energy consumption, Nordis complexes are equipped with intelligent lighting systems based on sensors.

Landscape design solutions

While Nordis Sinaia benefits from its location on the slopes of the Bucegi Mountains, providing a natural green backdrop with mountain vegetation, Nordis Mamaia, situated between the Black Sea and Lake Siutghiol, offers unique landscaping solutions to fulfill the need for green spaces within the complex.

The landscaped green spaces, central garden, and grassy terraces have more than an aesthetic and relaxation role, reducing the heat effect during hot summer days

Alternative transportation - Electric car charging stations

Nordis Group aligns with international standards and installs electric car charging stations within its portfolio of developments.

A true seaside resort, Nordis Mamaia features a multi-level parking lot with a guaranteed parking service, just to encourage guests to spend their holiday in the resort, discovering the full range of facilities offered - from relaxation to sports and entertainment activities. This way, travel and fuel consumption are reduced, decreasing the impact of pollution on the environment.

Focused on sustainable mobility solutions, the developer has provided the complexes with secure spaces for bicycles, ensuring that it meets the expectations of even the most demanding residents and tourists.

We build according to high energy efficiency standard.

Nordis Group develops ensembles with sustainable architecture, elegant and modern design, ensuring that innovative construction solutions and material quality meet the highest standards, to be sustainable in the long run.

The company builds to the nearly Zero-Energy Building (nZEB) standard, which means high energy performance of the buildings. We use innovative building and management solutions to reduce primary energy consumption close to zero and to minimize the environmental impact.

We build using premium quality materials, with basaltic wool insulation and underfloor heating system connected to a block central heating unit, in accordance with sustainability standards.

The glazed spaces have triple glazing, with a low thermal transfer coefficient. Their placement on extensive surfaces provides natural light throughout the day, reducing the use of electricity.

WELLBEING at its best

Nordis creates the perfect wellbeing environment for residents and tourists, offering a complete mix of facilities that encourage relaxation and spending leisure time in nature.

Nordis developments are located in exceptional natural settings, providing beautiful landscapes, clean air, and a range of outdoor activities among the benefits offered.

The seaside development promotes thalassotherapy and encourages the practice of water sports. The terraces feature a wave-inspired design, and due to the positioning of the buildings between the sea and the lake, they offer the possibility to admire both the sunrise and the sunset.

Nordis Mamaia offers multiple advantages that directly influence one’s well-being and health. The sea breeze and the “blue health” effect, which supports the idea that being close to the sea has a beneficial effect on the mind and body, along with the 5-star hotel facilities, make the complex the largest and most modern well-being resort on the Black Sea coast.

The mountain resorts invite guests to hiking sessions or simply mindfulness. Pools, wellness center, fitness facilities, and all the surrounding mountains serve residents and tourists to experience a healthy lifestyle in an exclusive community.

Promoting the country's brand image

The Romania Now initiative represents the most significant effort to enhance the positive perception of the national brand, and through it, Nordis Group and the Nordis Foundation support and promote at the international level the ideas that amplify Romania’s country brand.

Romania deserves to be showcased in a unique way, highlighting to the world the potential of a country truly gifted by nature. Culture, tourism, art, and business play essential roles that will be highlighted within the Romania Now campaign.

Nordis Foundation

Nordis Foundation started its activity in December 2021 and aims to support excellence in education, offering the chance for a balanced future in a better Romania. The President of the Foundation, Irina Postoaca, is directly involved in all the foundation’s actions, which are carried out in collaboration with other humanitarian associations to provide support to underprivileged children in Romania.

“With every activity we engage in, we aim to showcase Romania in a positive light and create a local tradition of promoting the enormous potential of children, future generations, and the future of our country. The team is involved in activities aimed at supporting families with limited access to resources and education, in order to give them the chance for a normal life, to inspire hope and optimism in fighting together and to hope for a better life in Romania.”