Nordis Group announces sales of over 137 million lei in the first half of 2023

Bucharest, July 10 2023
In the first 6 months of 2023, Nordis Group, the only developer of 5-star hotel and residential complexes in Romania, achieved sales of over 137 million lei. The value represents the sum of the pre-contracts for the sale of apartments within the 4 projects it has under development and the sales contracts from the completed complexes, respectively Nordis Primăverii and Nordis Mamaia stage I.

Nordis Group maintains an upward trend in terms of sales, reporting in the first part of the year an increase of more than 10% in sales compared to the first 6 months of 2022. Regarding the payment method, 99% of purchases this year within Nordis were made with cash, without real estate loans.

Buyers are showing active interest in the investment property segment of Nordis Group’s portfolio, motivated by the 7% annual yield for hotel products and an estimated 10% for residential products purchased to generate a profit.

Through the Property Management service offered, the developer responds to the needs of owners who want to get rid of the care of administration in order to obtain a passive income from the rental, an activity fully carried out by Nordis Group, from the promotion of the units, finding tenants, cleaning and paying utilities.

In addition to the investment objective, 90% of Nordis Mamaia buyers chose a holiday apartment for personal use, motivated by the quality offered, but also by the fact that they will benefit from the complex’s facilities and 5-star hotel services throughout the year.

Nordis Group sold in the first 6 months of the year completed units in Nordis Mamaia project, where prices have reached maturity, the value of a 3-room apartment traded exceeding €400,000. (the package includes apartment, furniture, parking space and VAT) The units in stage II are equally attractive in terms of value appreciation over time. Investors opted for investment packages with properties under construction, the value of a sold package, consisting of 9 studios from stage II, amounting to €760,000 + VAT.

The most requested units were the studio-type residential apartments in the second stage of the Nordis Mamaia development, where the appreciation over time is 40%, and the annual yield can exceed 10%. Currently, the price of a stage II studio starts at €65,900 + VAT.

In the capital, Nordis Group traded units from the Nordis View project, located on the Glucose Factory, where 2-room apartments and related parking spaces were sold, each worth over €270,000 – 19% VAT included. At Nordis Primăverii, the value of the units sold was over €850,000 + VAT.

Currently under development, the project on Valea Prahova – Nordis Brașov has attracted investors who bought apartments both for personal use and for investment purposes, and the preferred payment method is in installments, with a 25% down payment.

“The real estate product offered by Nordis Group is really special, both in terms of the business model offered, which generates guaranteed passive income for investors, and the facilities that ensure a 5-star lifestyle all year round, available to residents and tourists.

The figures of the first semester confirm the financial potential of Romanians – we have almost 91,500-dollar millionaires in the country, and the economic outlook is positive. From the point of view of the size of the local economy in relation to the EU economy, Romania is in the top five states that register growth between 2019 and 2022. This aspect keeps the premium real estate market on an upward trend.

Nordis continues to attract buyers interested in premium real estate investments, which is a plus for both the company and the community we form. Currently, we are intensively preparing for the opening of the Nordis Mamaia hotel, a moment that will bring a new benchmark in terms of hotel services to the Romanian market“, says Florin Poștoacă, Sales Manager Nordis Group.

As early as 2022, Nordis Group has started the process of handing over the completed units from Nordis Mamaia, realizing to date over 450 handovers of the apartments in the hotel and residential buildings of stage I. The apartments are equipped with the SMART Home system and have a sea view and lake. More than 280 owners of residential apartments have opted for the furnishing service offered by the developer, to benefit from an arrangement in accordance with the entire design and style of Nordis, which respects the highest standards of quality and comfort.

Nordis Mamaia is the only hotel & residence on the Romanian coast, open 12 months a year, offering owners and tourists access to top facilities: 3,200 sqm SPA, fitness room, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, 12 restaurants and cafes, multipurpose room for events, conference rooms, playground, VIP Cinema, medical recovery clinic, 26,000 m2 private beach and pontoon on Lake Siutghiol. With the opening of the Nordis Mamaia hotel, according to the Horwath study, property values will appreciate by approximately 40%.

Between July 7 and 9, the developer is holding a sales event, which represents the last chance to purchase at current prices, before the opening of the Nordis Mamaia Hotel, which will raise the prices of all units within the complex.

The offer includes only 9 units in phase II Nordis Mamaia, with a customer advantage of up to €14,600 and is only available this weekend by visiting the location – Strada Brizei Nr. 1 Mamaia Nord, as well as by viewing and booking online.