Attractions 365 days/year at Nordis Mamaia 5 stars

Whatever the season, there are N reasons why it pays to become a holiday apartment owner at Nordis Mamaia hotel & residence or be a repeat guest. Next, we will present you in writing these reasons that will convince you to visit us;

Nordis Mamaia 5***** is a landmark real estate development for the Romanian coast, raising the standard of holidays on the Romanian coast and positioning itself as an international destination of sensation:

- Extraordinary location: Situated between the sea and the lake, the complex is very close to the beach and only a 2 minute drive to the exclusive club area of Mamaia Nord;
- 5 star ammeneties: room service, room cleaning, concierge, valet parking, various services for leisure activities;

- Unique mix of facilities available in Romania, open 12 months a year: swimming pools, 12 restaurants and cafes, VIP cinema, the largest SPA in Romania, shopping arcade, fitness room, playground.

- The architecture is imposing and in keeping with the specificity of the area: neutral colours and balconies in curved lines, imitating the waves of the sea;

- The special landscaping brings an aesthetic addition to the area;

- Green Homes certification, which certifies that Nordis Mamaia is a sustainable and environmentally friendly construction;

- Units equipped with Smart Home systems;

- Own parking with charging stations for electric cars;

- Promenade area with dozens of types of plants.

- Conference centre and multi-purpose hall for events.

The complex is divided into 2 construction phases, with the first phase - consisting of a hotel and 2 residential buildings - due to be opened this year, together with a number of facilities.

Nordis Mamaia brings to the Romanian coast a new concept of holiday at the seaside, 365 days a year, through various leisure, entertainment and business options.

Here's what you can do at Nordis Mamaia 12 months a year

1. Wellness travel

Due to its location between the sea and the lake, a stay at Nordis Mamaia, at any time of the year, promotes bluehealth effects - improving health and mood by spending time in areas surrounded by water. Benefits include:

- Reduce stress and induce a state of well-being and relaxation;
- Improve physical fitness through water activities or walks along the water's edge;
- Maintaining mental health and generating a positive attitude;
- Stimulates the brain and thinking process, improving creativity.

Nordis Mamaia is the perfect place to give yourself a retreat: time with yourself and SPA treatments, dolce for niente from morning till night.

In phase 2 of the project we plan to add a medical rehabilitation clinic, which will complete the wellness package and contribute to the classification of the complex as a wellness destination. Sign up now for the newsletter to get the latest information about Nordis Mamaia!

2. Business destination

In terms of services offered, but especially the facilities available in the complex, Nordis Mamaia is the ideal destination for teambuildings, conferences and business events;

From holiday and leisure location to integrated business hub:

- conference rooms equipped with state-of-the-art equipment;

- multi-purpose hall that can host a variety of events;

- A variety of restaurants and cafes, offering both team dining and business dinners;

- 24/7 concierge service;

- leisure options and relaxing activities between sessions;

3. Private events & more

On the side with the Siutghiol Lake there is a promenade and ballroom for private events such as birthdays, weddings, christenings or gender reveal; Conceptul deosebit, bazat pe îmbinarea dintre localizarea pe malul lacului, designul deosebit și serviciile de 5 stele, garantează că evenimentele desfășurate la Nordis Mamaia vor fi într-adevăr magice.

4. Nordis Wonderland - the place of a fairy-tale childhood

The resort is a suitable destination for family holidays, thanks to the family entertainment and relaxation options:

- Movie nights in the VIP room;
- Pool fun;
- Relaxation sessions at the SPA;
- Shopping sessions in the shopping gallery;
- Walk and socialize in the landscaped inner courtyard;
- Family meals in one of the many restaurants;
- Late mornings on the balcony overlooking the sea and lake;
- Walk on the private beach or on the pontoon of Lake Siutghiol;

For children's entertainment, the complex has a dedicated swimming pool and playgrounds; Very importantly, the complex benefits from surveillance, security and protection, which ensures a high degree of safety;

5. Sport & wellbeing lovers

The Black Sea is always ready to offer doses of adrenaline and vitality, through water sports such as kitesurfing, windsurfing, water skiing or jet skiing or yachting;

Outdoor sports, especially water sports, improve well-being and increase energy, while being more effective than indoor sports because the body faces wind and water resistance, thus more muscles are required;

Another advantage of outdoor sports is the intake of vitamin D and the fact that the air breathed during physical activity is much cleaner;

In addition to the options that the sea offers, Nordis Mamaia offers an extensive aquatic experience, thanks to the 5 indoor pools with different specifications and benefits;

Vitality Pool - is the largest of the 5 pools integrated in the huge Nordis Mamaia SPA centre and one of the largest on the coast, totalling 182 square metres.

Regardless of the season, the combination of heated water and pool functions, with water and air jets, is a therapy for muscle aches and pains, benefits blood circulation and skin detoxification, and is an opportunity for physical and mental relaxation;

Salt Pool - the place where you get both relaxation and a complex therapy session, beneficial for the whole body. Salt water has positive effects on the respiratory system, skin, locomotor system, gynaecological, gastrointestinal, hepato-biliary disorders and more;

Aquatonic Pool – a renowned pool concept present in luxury resorts around the world, combining wellness and fitness activities through various functions: water currents, jet baths, showers with different intensities and positions.

Kids Pool – a paradise for children of all ages. The 0.2 m deep pool and 0.1 m in the baby area are sure to keep even the most energetic of little tourists busy;

Jacuzzi – a place to relax and free the mind, but also an opportunity to treat muscle, joint or bone pain, circulatory system problems, as well as an excellent way to boost metabolism and lose weight faster.

Nordis Mamaia is the destination that opens new horizons for Romanian tourism on the seaside and successfully combines investments in real estate with guaranteed return and the objective of housing with the services and facilities of a 5-star hotel, right at your home;